What’s In a Name

Although finding a meaningful name for a business can be challenging, this was certainly not the case for Marlene Badai, founder of RoZel Financial. Marlene’s mother, Zelda Rosenbaum, often shared her hopes of opening a millinery to be named RoZel (the first letters from her last and first names, respectively). When founding her own business, Marlene decided to name the company in honor of her mother's dream. Today, Marlene and the team at RoZel Financial continue to honor Zelda as they strive to build personal, caring, and meaningful relationships with their clients, emulating the person that Zelda was.

About RoZel Financial

At RoZel Financial, we believe in providing individuals and businesses with the knowledge required to be financially empowered. We are not affiliated with or owned by an investment or insurance company, so we have the freedom to provide you with a wide variety of investment choices that the financial services industry has to offer. This is RoZel Financial's privilege and allows us to help make decisions based directly on your goals. We support your journey to financial empowerment and are here to guide you on the path to financial well-being.