To this point, we all have developed narratives, biases, and behaviors, relationships surrounding money. Yet, they can continually change and grow as often (or as little) as we do. Understanding these concepts and how they relate to your life decisions has always been woven throughout my business, and it has been primarily what I have based my business on. Now, we’re giving it a name.
The decision to buy life insurance is one of the most important that we can make in our financial lives. It requires careful consideration of our needs, concerns and priorities. I am hear to discuss your needs and priorities with an objective and caring mind and heart. The strategies can be complex and I look forward to breaking them down in a way to fit your personal needs.
All of the various forms of life insurance – whole life, term life, variable life, universal life and the dozens of variations of each – can be distilled down to just two types: Term and Permanent. Very often I have seen Term used for mortgage protection, college cost replacement, and short term income replacement in the event of an untimely passing. This strategy allows for the fulfillment of the dreams you shared with your loved ones, at least from a financial standpoint.